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In this present time, social media is becoming more and more popular in the entire world where most of the people promote their business, brand or product through creating pictures, videos related to their business or services. Most of us may already know, about the benefits of social media sharing. You have several sites that help you to get popular among the people such as Twitter, Instagram and Periscope etc.

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Periscope is actually video steaming live app for IOS and Android that will link with your Twitter account. So whenever you start a new live video, your twitter followers who are also on Periscope notified. There are almost 14 million users uses Periscope and almost 100 thousands join Periscope every day.

Tips to Increase Periscope Followers & Hearts fast

Share and connect with Twitter

Best way to increase followers and hearts on Periscope is to connect your Periscope account with twitter. Once you start broadcasting, that will be showing on twitter also, and everyone starts to follow you after seeing your broadcasting.

Show Your Product On Live

Whenever you launch new product or brand, and then share those details with audience on Periscope through live video steaming. You should show cool product features, packaging and more.

Make Your Content Interesting

To Attract more viewers; you should try interesting content with an interesting title in your videos. Create helpful content that not only just entertainment but also informative to your audience.Whenever you share something, make sure that solves the queries of others and they will come back to you profile again.

Share your Location

If you are going outside, always share you locations with your followers by using accurate location map feature of Periscope.

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